A DIY Guide To Car Dent Removal

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Hail, car wrecks, and mishaps can create ugly dents on your aluminum bodied vehicle that can lower the value and create an eyesore. To get your car back on the road and in its wonderful condition, try these do-it-yourself tips first, before consulting a body shop.

Grab a plunger to get rid of the dent

Believe it or not, a bathroom plunger can be a valuable tool to use in order to get rid of dents. This will work with dents of small to medium sizes. For best results, you will want to use the cup plunger, as opposed to the flange plumber. The cup plunger is typically the one that is used for sinks as opposed to toilets. First, sprinkle a little bit of water on the area of the car that is dented and also on the end of the plunger, so that it will create a vacuum when you place the plunger to the vehicle. Next, place the plunger snugly to the dented area and begin pushing and pulling it. After doing this a few times, the dent will eventually pop out.

Purchase and use a body filler to fix the dent

Purchase a set of auto body filler material so that you can apply it to the dented area. This body filler, when accompanied by a fresh coat of paint, will cover the dent and then give it the appearance that the vehicle was never dented at all. However, you might have to apply this method a couple of times in order to get the end result that looks the best for your vehicle.

Apply heat to the dented area

When you apply high levels of heat with a blow torch, the aluminum material of your vehicle body will begin to expand. As this metal expands, you will then want to apply some ice cubes to the metal area in order to get it to immediately contract. As the metal begins to shrink, you will also notice that the dent will pop out. This is useful for small sized dents. Be careful that you do not apply the blowtorch any longer than you need to, as this can be damaging to both the aluminum body of your motor vehicle and the paint job.

These three tips can help you to get rid of dents in your aluminum bodied vehicle on your own. If you need more serious work done, get in touch with a body shop (like Exoticar Paintworks Inc) that can help you.