3 Aftermarket Upgrades To Prepare Your Stock Car For Drag Nights

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If you have always dreamed of being behind the wheel when the checkered flag goes down, there are many tracks that do drag nights. These are basically events when the public can bring their cars and pay a small fee to drive around the track like professional drivers. Before you decide to take your car to track night, you may want to upgrade the stock features to improve your time, which can be done with aftermarket parts like air intakes and computer chips. Here are some of the aftermarket upgrades that you may want to do to prepare your stock car for a night at the track:

1. Get Better Air Flow With Simple Intake Upgrades And Turbo Chargers

One of the best and most affordable solutions to give your car more horsepower is updating the air intake system. In racing, your car will be classified by classes, such as engine size, weight and alterations to the stock car. The classes are also affected by performance parts, such as turbos, air intakes and nitrous boost systems that add nitrous oxide to the fuel mixture. You may only want to update the air intake of a stock car. There are many different aftermarket intakes to choose from for your class to improve airflow. You can also add a turbo charger to give your car more horse, which can be a little costlier but a good choice if you plan to do serious racing. If you just want to race in stock classes, it is best to stick with an air intake upgrade and stay away from turbo upgrades that may disqualify you from racing in some amateur racing classes.

2. Boost Power And Monitor Performance With An Aftermarket Chip

For performance upgrades, it is essential to be able to monitor the performance of your car. This can be done by adding an aftermarket computer chip. There are many different chips to choose from, which also give your car a boost of power with optimal settings. You can also have a Bluetooth system installed, which can allow you to monitor information from any Bluetooth enabled device.

3. Upgrade Your Exhaust With An Aftermarket System That Gives Better Flow

With some of the other upgrades you do, it is also essential to give your car a better flowing exhaust system. This is because the stock system you have may limit the flow of exhaust and reduce potential horsepower gain. There are two types of exhaust upgrades you may want to consider. These can be an aftermarket bolt-on system that you can install yourself. You can also have an exhaust shop do the installation for you, which may be a little more expensive.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to consider to prepare your stock ride for a night out at the track and get the best time possible. If you are ready to give your stock car more horses to push it down the track, contact an aftermarket car parts service like Yearwood Performance Center to get the parts you need for these improvements.