Help! My Muffler Has Fallen And It Can't Get Up!

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A muffler's main purpose is to reduce or muffle the overall noise generated by a combustion engine. Have you ever noticed how some cars take off and sound, well, different? Some are quiet. Some are pitchy. And some make you check to see if your ears are bleeding. Different mufflers, or a lack thereof, change how a vehicle sounds when gas is combusting. It doesn't sound very necessary to put back on, does it? Not so fast.

Mufflers are not solely made for muffling noise. The design of a muffler can improve overall performance. In fact, according to the Settlement Rd Exhaust Centre, specially designed mufflers are known to improve engine performance. So replacing or reattaching your fallen muffler isn't a bad idea.

Getting It Back Up

It's fairly common for a muffler to eventually fall off if left unattended. Corrosion in the exhaust pipe and areas of rust can compromise the joint connecting the muffler to the car. Eventually, it can result in detachment.

Before a muffler falls off, it will usually begin to hang low or drag on the road while traveling. Should it begin to drag, you won't be able to miss it. A loud screeching noise will ensue as it drags on the pavement. If your muffler is falling off but hasn't fallen, you can remedy the problem temporarily by using one of these methods:

  1. Buy a New Clamp: The muffler is held on by a muffler clamp. Chances are, it is rusted or corroded. Pick up a new clamp from your local auto parts store and slap it on. It's likely you are going to need a new bracket or hanger, but you may be able to get away with the clamp until you get to a mechanic.
  2. Get Creative: Although not recommended, some people have secured a muffler with rope, chains, or duct tape. This is not a fix. It's not even a "quick fix," but it may buy you just enough time to drive straight to a muffler shop or your mechanic without losing the muffler.

What if your muffle has literally fallen? If it came off while driving, you may be able to retrieve it. Be sure to only do so if it is safe. It's likely the muffler will be damaged beyond use if this occurs, in which case you may not want to retrieve it, instead opting for a total replacement. If you find  yourself in need of a mechanic, contact a company like Professional Automotive.