3 Reasons For A Check Engine Light To Come On

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Have you been trying to figure out what might be causing to the engine light in your vehicle staying lit up? You are either dealing with a bad engine that is in need of being replaced, or the check engine light might simply mean that a minor problem needs attention. Find out in this article what you should know about a few of the engine parts that might cause problems if they are not in good shape. 

1. A Damaged Radiator Hose

The radiator hose that sends coolant into the engine is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If you have noticed that your vehicle overheats more than usual, it is possible that the radiator hose is damaged. The engine might not be getting enough coolant if a large portion of the fluid has been leaking out. The check engine light staying on might simply be a sign that you need to get the radiator hose repaired, or it can mean that more coolant must be placed inside of your vehicle because it is low. If the radiator hose is damaged, get it repair fast because your engine can catch on fire if it does not receive enough coolant.  

2. The Head Gasket is Damaged

The check engine light might be on due to the engine misfiring. Basically, an engine might misfire when a cylinder is unable to fire as it should. However, it is also possible for more than one cylinder to malfunction at the same time. When an engine misfires, it can cause your vehicle to lose power, gas mileage and you might even feel a slight jerk while you are driving. The cause of the cylinders not functioning properly is usually due to a blown head gasket. Getting the head gasket repaired should be enough to fix the problem and make the check engine light go off.  

3. A Problem with the Distribution of Oil

Your vehicle might need more oil when the engine light stays on. If you see puddles of oil on the pavement each time that your vehicle has been parked in one spot for a while, the hose for distributing the oil might be damaged. An oil leak can lead to the engine parts rubbing against each other and creating friction, which can cause overheating to occur. Speak to a mechanic (such as one from Dean's Auto Repair Inc) about your heck engine light to find out what kind of repair is needed for your vehicle.