Top Signs You Need Transmission Repair Or Replacement

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Have you recently purchased an automatic vehicle? Is this the first vehicle that you've ever owned? While you may have gotten some care tips from friends or relatives, they may have glossed over or forgotten about your transmission. While the transmission is a mysterious device for some people, there are still clear warning signs that it is in need of repair or replacement. Here are a few things that you should be looking for: 

Burnt transmission fluid: By default, transmission fluid is a clear bright red, somewhat similar to strawberry soda in appearance. In addition to oil and coolant levels, the transmission fluid is also something that should be checked on a weekly basis. When the fluid changes appearance, this is a sign that you should schedule time with your favorite transmission repair shop as soon as possible. It may be a relatively small leak or other issue now, one that will be relatively inexpensive to replace. But if you wait to take it in, you run the risk of burning out your entire transmission and needing to have it replaced. 

Strange noises: Admittedly, there are a number of reasons why your vehicle might be making noise. You could have a fan belt that needs replacing or you could have a problem with one or more cylinders in your engine.  But if you hear something strange only during certain times, such as when you shift into neutral or when you're accelerating at a stoplight, these are signs that it's your transmission that has issues. If caught early, they may only need to replace a relatively minor gear or bearing. Putting off repairs may mean that your transmission repair shop will have to at least partially rebuild your transmission. Since this can be quite expensive for some vehicles, it's obviously best to have your transmission checked out as soon as you notice any unusual sounds. 

Unresponsive shifting: A healthy transmission will obviously shift into the correct gear every time. Even in the absence of other signs, a lack of shifting is a sign that you are in need of transmission repair. For example, when you try to put your vehicle into park and it stubbornly continues to stay in drive. Not only does this mean that you have transmission issues, it's potentially dangerous. If you think that your vehicle is parked, but it's actually still in drive, it can roll away when you get out of your vehicle. Or it may stay in place, but suddenly leap forward when you start your engine again. Getting this fixed will help prevent damage and injury. 

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