3 Things To Do When Your Battery Goes Dead In Your Car

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It is the worse feeling to turn your ignition and your car will not start. If you heard a clicking noise or no sound when turning the ignition, then you have a dead battery. Your battery is the heart of your vehicle. Without it, your vehicle does not have the power to do anything. Here are three things to do when your battery goes dead. 

Call A Towing And Recovery Company

If you do not know anything about cars, then one of your first calls should be to a towing company. In 2012, 12 million vehicles were towed to local automotive shops for repairs. Many drivers do not realize that towing companies offer a variety of services. These services may include light, medium and heavy-duty towing, air cushion recovery, road service, mobile battery services and repairs to 50-ton rotator mobile trucks.

Towing companies can do more than just take your vehicle to the local mechanic. These type of companies can also give you a jump start. If your battery is completely dead, then the driver can take your vehicle to a repair shop. Your mechanic will determine if the battery needs to be recharged or replaced.

Tow companies provide a huge service in their local communities. They have a broad customer base. This type of company works with law enforcement agencies, dealerships, corporations and motor clubs.

Get A Ride to The Auto Store

If you know how to change a battery, then you need to find a ride to the auto store. You have to remove the battery from your vehicle. The sales clerk at the auto store can check the life of your battery. He or she can give you a replacement battery. Your friend or cab can take you back to your vehicle. You will need to swap out the batteries before continuing your trip.

Get A Jump Off

Asking someone for a jump off is one of your first options. You should always keep jumper cables in your car. It also means asking for assistance from another driver or calling a loved one. Getting a jump off will not work if you don't have enough life in your battery.

It is important to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. Regular maintenance allows you to find out about repairs before you end up beside the road. It helps to have a plan in place when it comes to car problems.