How Semi Trucks Consistently Outperform Cars

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There are approximately 3.5 million truck drivers on the road at one point or another in the United States with an estimated 2 million of the vehicles they drive being tractor trailers. These truck drivers are an integral part of the more than $671 billion dollar industry that transports nearly 70 percent of the freight that goes by land across the U.S. While truck driving is stated to be the most dangerous occupation in 2014, with approximately 852 persons dying, when compared to the number of fatal accidents (about 37,000 people) involving other vehicles, trucks are way ahead of the curve.

However, trucks are made in such a way that they consistently outperform cars and are good for more than the safety they provide their drivers in most auto accidents.  

Hear me roar

The engine of a semi truck is estimated to be about six times larger than that of a car engine and have an estimated 300 to 400 horsepower over it midget counterpart. This is what gives the satisfying roar that a truck is capable of. This is not just for its ability to haul heavy loads for long distances and over rough terrain. Commercial semi truck engines get their larger size and the ability to travel up to 800,000 miles more than a car due to the fact that they have been designed to run more constantly and consistently than a car.  

Since it is estimated that semi trucks play a vital role in the health of the economy having this size engine that can manage the constant travel for long periods and distances with less breakdown from wear and tear is necessary.

I can do it better

Semi trucks make up about 15 percent of the commercial trucks in the United States and each truck is estimated to travel about 100,000 miles per year accounting for 42 percent of the total miles covered by all commercial trucks. This is because semi trucks are more reliable and can carry more in a single haul. In fact while semi trucks covered about 8 percent (1/4 of a trillion) miles alone, cars made up the other 92 percent along with all other types of vehicles including other commercial trucks.

Fuel efficiency is one factor that contributes to the use of semi trucks. Even though they currently use just about 6.5 miles per gallon of fuel, the new developments in such areas as aerodynamics to reduce drag as well as low-rolling resistance tires can bring the fuel efficiency up by almost 54 percent. To find semis for sale, talk to a professional like Arrow Truck Sales.